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Getting Started

Basic data from “authoritative” sources at UT has been fed into UT Elements. Since this is source data, it is locked from editing by the end user.

Other sections of the user profile can be manually added/edited in “Edit Profile”


Academic Profile screenshot

The Profile header shows the primary rank appointment of each faculty member, email and phone number.

Profile Header Screenshot

Rank Appointment

Your rank appointment and email comes from IRIS. They cannot be edited within Elements. You can add an additional email address by clicking on the “Edit Profile” button.

You may wish to add an overview narrative. This section is visible by other UT faculty when they search for a colleague. This section could be useful in facilitating collaborations among faculty at UT.

find a colleague screenshot

Profile Overview Screenshot


Academic Appointments and Non-Academic Appointments

You can manually add your appointments.

Add Academic Appointments box

Degrees, Certifications, Post-Graduate Training

You can add/edit certifications to these sections.Degrees Certification box

You can manually add/edit languages and include competencies of: can read, can write, can speak, can understand spoken, can peer review.

Mailing addresses

You can manually add your mailing addresses.

Web addresses

You can manually add/edit your web addresses.