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The Elements Discovery Module

During the summer we added a new function to Elements.

The Discovery Module uses data from Elements to create public web profiles for all faculty. It allows you to showcase your scholarly, research, and other professional activities.

If you would like to see the Discovery Module landing page, visit the website ( If you would like to see a sample of a live profile, please see, the profile for Governor’s Chair Dr. Arthur Ragauskas, who has kindly given us permission to point you to his profile.

Managing Public and Private Settings

In order to link your Elements profile to the Discovery Module, you must log-in to the system, go to your profile page, and manually change the current system default from Internal to Public.

As the manager of your own profile, you decide what parts of your profile are visible to others. If you wish to hide information in your profile, you can mark it private. You control what information goes public or stays private.

Key Benefits of the Discovery Module

Besides showcasing all your work, the module provides additional benefits to you and your department:

  • You can search for collaborators or other scholarly help through the portal.
  • Your Discovery profile will update automatically when you make new entries in Elements.
  • Your department will be able to link your profile to the departmental website directory, and neither you nor your department will have to update your departmental profile again.

For more information, please visit the Elements FAQ page, topic “Discovery Module.”